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What is it?

A follow-on from our Content Strategy service, in which we’ve worked with you to define which stories to tell, and how. This is the part where we get creative!

Who is it for?

Clients who have already worked with us to define their Content Strategy, and are ready to propel the strategy in motion. It’s the natural progression and the next step.

How can Blush help?

As SEO experts, we focus on creating content that ranks well in search engines such as Google and Bing, but we make sure that web pages are written for people too. Keywords are important, but keeping eyes on the content, and converting readers to paying customers or clients, is what it’s really all about.

Our content creation capabilities are vast and wide-ranging, from brand-building video and lifestyle imagery to inspirational blog posts, we tap into our network of creative specialists to team up with the right content partners for your project.

"Reliable and quick to respond, I’d have no hesitation in recommending this fantastic business who really do care about their customers."

Matt Kemp | Underground Cookery School

Frequently Asked Questions

Content Marketing allows you to build familiarity with your potential clients and customers long before they’re even ready to buy your product or service.

You can be the helping hand that guides them through the buying process, answering common questions they may have about your product or industry, and educating them to help them make the right decisions for their situation.

By being the business that builds this trust, you gain an advantage over your competitors when they’re in-market, and you’ll jump to the top of the list when the time comes to buy.
Almost every business can benefit from some form of content marketing.

Most buying decisions these days, whether personal or professional, start online.

If your business is constantly appearing when customers are working their way through the buying process, through useful articles, tools, and guides; then you get to build a relationship with those customers ahead of your competition.
Absolutely, but there is a slight shift in thinking that comes with content marketing.

Most sales focussed businesses will want as many leads as possible to hand to their sales team, no matter where they are in the sales process.

With content marketing, the goal is to let the leads come to you when they’re ready.

The content becomes your sales funnel, pushing users through the buying process and educating them along the way so that when they’re finally ready to buy, you’re the first business they come to.
Typically any content that will help your customers when they're going through the process of buying your products or services. As a content marketing agency, some of the content we've helped our clients create include:

• Industry reports
• Online tools and calculators
• eBooks and guides
• Blog content
• Infographics
• Video content
With the correct tracking set up on your website, it becomes pretty straightforward to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

We use tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and HotJar to keep track of the actions people are taking on your site, and UTM codes allow us to see which Ads and Posts your visitors are coming from, allowing us to create more of what’s working, and ditch the rest.
Content Marketing is a long term strategy - it’s not a quick fix.

Typically, we’d be looking for results after 6 to 12 months, if not sooner; but that all depends on how competitive the industry is and the types of content that will need to be created.

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