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What is it?

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn adverts are a really targeted, and cost-effective way, to reach new, potential customers.

Who is it for?

Businesses that already understand their target audience or typical consumer profile, and have an appetite to supercharge growth, whether that’s by generating more sales, or acquiring more newsletter subscribers. You’ll see fantastic ROI when you invest in social media advertising.

How can Blush help?

We are experts in paid advertising and experienced in running social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Whether you want to reach a business or consumer audience, we can design the right advertising campaign for you.

We can manage everything from complex audience targeting to compelling creative; as well as the technical set-up, optimisation and reporting.

"Reliable and quick to respond, I’d have no hesitation in recommending this fantastic business who really do care about their customers."

Matt Kemp | Underground Cookery School

Frequently Asked Questions

Paid Social works in a similar way to PPC campaigns, where you pay per interaction with your adverts.

However, the biggest difference between the two is the intent of the audiences.

Typically, an audience on Paid Social will have much lower intent to buy, as they’re not actively searching for solutions to their problems - they’re simply browsing the platform.

With that being said, the price to reach an audience can often be much lower, so it’s still a great opportunity for businesses to explore.
Not always.

If your target audience isn’t likely to be using social media, then Paid Social may not be a good fit.

However, these days the likelihood is that a decent portion of your target audience use at least one social platform, so we’ll help you to decide whether paid social would be the right option for you.
Paid social media is usually best used as a supplement to PPC and SEO, to further increase the reach of your business.

With things like the Facebook Pixel, we’re able to target users who are the most similar to your most profitable customers, getting targeted ads in front of them for a relatively small investment.
Paid Social has a number of benefits:

You can target people by their demographic or geographic location, meaning you’ll be able to reach those most likely to want or need your products or services.

You can also retarget users who have already been to your site but not taken any action.
Posting on Facebook worked well a few years ago, but after some significant changes to their algorithms in recent years, the platform is now largely pay to play.

Even if your company’s page has several thousand followers, your posts will only be reaching a fraction of that audience, so paid advertising can help to expand your reach to new customers.

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